Chinese woman discovers colleague can unlock iPhone X with Face ID

When Apple debuted Face ID with iPhone X’s introduction, they said that even though the probability of someone else unlocking iPhone X with Face ID is 1 in a 1,000,000, they warned identical twins may unlock each other’s iPhone using Face ID.

Now, it seems twins are no longer needed.

A woman in Nanjing, China found out that her colleague can unlock her iPhone using Face ID. She is said to have retrained Face ID several times but her colleague was still able to access her iPhone X.

When she first reported the matter to Apple, she was told that what was happening was “impossible”. She was eventually given a refund after she demonstrated the flaw to Apple store employees.

She bought a second iPhone X and still the same flaw was exhibited.

Source: AsiaOne

Where to get iPhone X for cheap in Asia?

Where in Asia can you get the cheapest iPhone X?

Definitely not in the Philippines.

As matter of fact, the Philippines’ online Apple Store has the second most expensive pricing on iPhone X among countries in Southeast Asia and East Asia. The most expensive place to get iPhone X is in South Korea though, which can cost as much as $300 to $400 more than a similar unit being sold in the US. The cheapest places to get iPhone X is in Japan and Hong Kong. Mind you, these prices are before taxes. But if you’re a tourist with a foreign passport in Japan, you can get the iPhone X tax-exempt. Just remember that iPhones sold in Japan are required to have a camera shutter sound every time you take a photo. You can’t disable the sound to take photos surreptitiously.

Lazada: authorized Apple reseller

Lazada just became an authorized Apple reseller a few days ago serving countries in Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Though Apple already has an online presence in Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, it is absent in Indonesia and Vietnam. Lazada can help Apple reach more customers especially in territories lacking an official online store. Lazada sells Macs, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and, other Apple products and accessories. Right now, Lazada has an ongoing sale with as much as 17% off iPhones and 10% off iPads.

iOS 11.2 released

Apple pushed out iOS 11.2 last week bringing faster inductive charging to iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, and fixes several issues such as a automatically repeating springboard crash that happened on or after December 2, animation delay in the calculator app, and the autocorrect issue of “it” correcting to “I.T.”.

If you are affected by the repeating restarts on or after December 2, Apple suggests downloading the latest update. If the update won’t run, then turning off notifications for all apps may help.

Other fixes and OS additions:

  • Siri handling basic music controls even when not connected to the internet (I still think it’s silly that Siri can’t tell me the time when it’s not connected to the internet);
  • new explainer that when toggling WiFi or Bluetooth off, it is only a temporary disconnection and the toggling does not turn off the WiFi or Bluetooth radio;
  • tweaking of some emojis;
  • new love wallpapers for iPhone X and;
  • person-to-person Apple Pay (U.S. only).

Source: iMore

iPhone X now available at the Philippine online Apple Store

Apple, Inc. sent out emails announcing the availability for purchase in the Philippines of iPhone X. Last week, the two carriers in the Philippines, Globe Telecom and Smart Communications, announced the pre-order status of iPhone X, and slated the release today despite the lack of any press release from Apple.

The Apple Store, prior to today’s email, listed iPhone X as “currently available” until early this morning. The front page of the website prominently features iPhone X. The 64 GB model cost ₱64,490 and the 256 GB model cost ₱73,990, and buying one today shows a delivery date of December 26 to 28, just missing Christmas Day. Apple sells iPhones unlocked.