iOS 11.2 released

Apple pushed out iOS 11.2 last week bringing faster inductive charging to iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, and fixes several issues such as a automatically repeating springboard crash that happened on or after December 2, animation delay in the calculator app, and the autocorrect issue of “it” correcting to “I.T.”.

If you are affected by the repeating restarts on or after December 2, Apple suggests downloading the latest update. If the update won’t run, then turning off notifications for all apps may help.

Other fixes and OS additions:

  • Siri handling basic music controls even when not connected to the internet (I still think it’s silly that Siri can’t tell me the time when it’s not connected to the internet);
  • new explainer that when toggling WiFi or Bluetooth off, it is only a temporary disconnection and the toggling does not turn off the WiFi or Bluetooth radio;
  • tweaking of some emojis;
  • new love wallpapers for iPhone X and;
  • person-to-person Apple Pay (U.S. only).

Source: iMore

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