iPhone X in the Philippines: Globe vs Smart part 2

Smart has finally released iPhone X under the Smart Infinity branding. How does this stack up to Globe’s Platinum plan? Here are the numbers:

Both Globe and Smart offers the choice of paying for the device outright or opting for monthly amortization. When comparing the lowest tier plans, Globe’s cashout is cheaper, and even though the monthly subscription is ₱299 more expensive, there’s only ₱2,376 difference in the total cost of ownership (TCO) between Smart and Globe. That’s ₱99 more per month for 24 months.

For the mid- and high-tier subscriptions, Globe comes out cheaper by ₱24. It has something to do with the monthly subscription pricing, you see.

What about the features? Smart seemingly comes out ahead with its 40 GB monthly data allocation across all three tiers while Globe only offers up to 30 GB. However, when under Platinum plan, you can opt to subscribe to All-Month Data Surfing for only ₱999 per month which is deductible from your monthly consumable. Both carriers offer unlimited SMS to all networks. In terms of calls, Globe really wants to keep it in the family so to speak, only allowing unlimited calls within the Globe/TM network. In the meantime, Smart is more forgiving, allocating minutes for calls within and without their network.

Which carrier offers the best bang for the buck? I think it ultimately boils down to the data and call offerings plus the added services and the performance of the networks in your locale that will make you decide, because cost-wise Globe and Smart are almost exactly the same.

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