iPhone X available for pre-order in the Philippines

Image attributed to Apple, Inc.

The two telecommunication giants in the Philippines, Globe Telecom and Smart Communications, just announced the launch date of Apple’s 2017 flagship smartphone, iPhone X, here in the Philippines. On November 24, Globe was the first to tweet about the iPhone X availability for pre-order; Smart followed suit a few hours later. Both indicated in their tweets that the smartphone will be available on December 1, 2017.

What’s unusual about this for me is Apple, Inc. has not released any press release about the availability of iPhone X in the Philippines. Their last Apple Newsroom update regarding iPhone X was on November 7, 2017 announcing its availability in more Asian countries such as Cambodia, Malaysia, Macau, South Korea, and Thailand on November 24. The Philippine online Apple Store still list the iPhone model as “currently unavailable”. Did the carriers jump the gun or the Philippines is not newsworthy enough for a press release?

So, how much will it cost to own an iPhone X in the Philippines?

Under Globe Telecom, ThePLAN offers monthly subscription rates ranging from ₱599 to ₱2499 with a 24-months lock in period. Cash-out for iPhone X starts at ₱31,200 up to ₱56,400 for the 64GB version and from ₱39,600 to ₱64,800 for the 256GB version. Their website claims the cash-outs are payable via 0% interest installment through select credit cards.

Image attributed to Globe Telecom

Globe is also offering iPhone X under their ThePLATINUM Plan with three tiers: 3799, 4999, and 7999. Cash-out under Plan 3799, iPhone X 64GB is ₱26,400, and ₱36,000 for 256GB. Under Plan 4999, it’s ₱20,400 for 64GB and ₱28,800 for 256GB, and under Plan 7999, the 64GB model is available for free, and the 256GB model costs ₱9,600.

Image attributed to Globe Telecom

Smart Communications offers an iPhone Plan at monthly rates between ₱599 to ₱2999 with a 24-month lock-in period. Cash out for the 64GB iPhone X ranges from ₱26,999 to ₱55,099 and for the 256GB option, ₱36,599 to ₱64,599. Cash-outs are also payable via 0% interest installment except for iPhone Plans 599 and 799. Smart also offers an “All-In Plan” with monthly rates ranging from 500 to 2500, with cash-out for the iPhone X unit starting at ₱39,000 up to ₱65,500. Zero per cent interest for device cash-out doesn’t seem to be an option of All-In Plans.

Image attributed to Smart Communications

As of posting, Smart has yet to offer iPhone X under their Smart Infinity brand.

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